Every ticket includes your chance to compete in all six of our special Ganja Games.

All of the contests will have preliminary heats over the weekend, with a final competition among the top contestants during the last party.

Each person receives an additional six grams of marijuana, for use in the Speed Rolling and Fattest Joint contests.

The final winner in each category will receive a unique and beautiful trophy.

1) EYEING OUT WEED: Contestants must try to weigh out various amounts of different marijuana strains without using a scale. The most accurate contestant wins.

2) STONER TRIVIA: Contestants all receive a list of trivia questions, which they can work on during the weekend. The highest scorers will have a final contest during the last party.

3) BEST SMOKE RINGS: During the final party there will be a smoke ring contest. The best smoke-ring blower wins.

4) STRAIN IDENTIFICATION: The 14 strains each person receives are labelled only with a number. We will also be providing a list of all the strains but without identifying which entry is which strain. The person who can correctly identify the most strains wins.

5) SPEED ROLLING: Each contestant must roll three smokeable joints of different sizes, using four grams of bud. The fastest joint roller wins. No more than 0.4g of bud can be left over.

6) FATTEST JOINT: Each contestant must roll the heaviest joint possible using only a single standard zigzag rolling paper.

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Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl in Cannabis Culture Magazine