There are only 50 tickets being sold for this very special four-day ganja celebration.

There are three ticket prices depending on how big of a judges pack you require.

$680 LIGHTWIEGHT: 14g (1 gram of each kind)
$800 REGULAR: 28g (2g of each kind)
$1100 HARDCORE: 56g (4g of each kind)

To book your ticket for 2010, send an email to

Tickets are now on sale!

All Ticket holders will enjoy the following:

  • A wonderful bus tour of Vancouver's best toking spots.
  • Evening dinner boat cruise around the Vancouver coast.
  • Massive hash and budder sampling session
  • Judging of 14 strains of fine marijuana
  • A chance to win a custom bong in some fun ganja games
  • Party and dinner with live entertainment every one of the four nights.

Think you have world class weed? To enter your buds, click here.

Vansterdam Ganja Games and Marijuana Bowl in Cannabis Culture Magazine